Human male proportion study mostly from memory

I wanted to create a human male reference guy to use on my new projects and was a good idea to remember proportions so I did an quick study with focus on academic proportions mostly from my memory. Dr. Paul Richer proportions 7.1/2 check on final. I will share this guy if anyone want to play with him. Download OBJ file from HERE.


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New Portfolio page added

I have a new Portfolio page and I am available for freelance and full time work. Cheers!

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Little dwarf Princess 3D Zbrush

Little Dwarf Princess 3D Zbrush Sketch based on this concept.

Dwarf Princess

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Cave Troll 3D

Based on this 2D Concept 

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Daedalus and Icar I wip I

Daedalus and Icar  - ZBrush Sculpture work in progress

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Interview for C4US Magazine

Interview on the first issue C4US Magazine. A beautiful magazine. Thanks to Emilian, Stefan and Marian.

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Human Skeleton Shared

I decided to share to the community my 3D human skeleton made some time ago, used mostly as reference for anatomy proportions construction. The skeleton was rigged in Maya 8.0 with The Setup Machine Plugin and can be used for posing. The skeleton can be shared, modified and so on. Have fun with him!

The Maya 8.0 Rigged scene can be downloaded from here: Human Skeleton Maya Rigged

OBJ file can be downloaded from here: Human Skeleton OBJ

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Syt Inquisitor Master Concept

Syt Inquisitor Master Concept  I think this was made under the influence of a recent interview by Umberto Eco and Star Wars world …strange.

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AMC pixel factory _ SESSION01 THE DIVER

The Diver Project

I started this project some time ago at AMC Pixel Factory as an internal workshop using “layers as construction approach ”. Recently we uploaded online a PDF file with the steps I used  for modelling this character. More informations can be found on the forum. The PDF file it’s in Romanian language.

Download the PDF: “LAYERELE” mod de abordare in modelarea HighPoly

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Cave Troll Concept

Cave Troll concept fun …

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